Sexy Lady Kitty Spencer starred for a fashion magazine and shared plans for the future

In December last year, LadyKitty Spencer traveled to Mexico, but it seems that the girl managed not only to relax and enjoy the scenic views, but also worked. The other day, the February issue of the Mexican edition of Grazia magazine went on sale, the main star of which was Kitty Spencer Sexy.

Recall that Lady Kitty Spencer is Princess Diana’s niece and favorite model Dolce & Gabbana.
So Lady Spencer starred in a glamorous photo shoot on the background of urban landscapes, well, each along the girls picked up and impressive jewelry from Bvlgari, whose Ambassador she is.

Kitty also gave a short interview to the magazine and starred in several videos. And, according to her, 2019 from aristocrat big plans.

Kitty Spencer Sexy
Kitty Spencer Sexy

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