Naomi Scott Sexy as Princess Jasmine Photos

Many fans of Naomi Scott were looking forward to the new teaser for the remake of the disney cartoon Aladdin will be released during the broadcast of the super Cup 2019, but the creators of the picture made fans wait a little longer and published a minute video a week after the final match.

However, to the disappointment of the fans, they did not see in the new video of their favorite sexy Naomi Scott. In fact, most of the movie takes the desert and a few seconds allocated to the transformation of will Smith in the Genie: the footage he appeared with the skin of blue, branded beard and tail on his head.
Nevertheless, we have a few shots of Princess Jasmine, whose role and perform Naomi Scott Sexy.
By the way for lovers of private photos there is good news: the performer of the role of Princess Jasmine a few years ago lit up in private photos and you can easily find photos of Naomi Scott Nude.

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