Pink Panther: Sexy Rihanna starred in advertising a new line of its cosmetic brand

The fashion and beauty industry worries 30yearold Rihanna, it seems no less than the world of show business. Recently, the star is increasingly pleases fans with new lines of their cosmetics and underwear. They say that soon it will launch a luxury brand together with the famous Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. Yesterday, the star introduced a new lipstick from its cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna published in his Instagram a picture where she poses in a pink top and latex pants on the background of a pink car. What color lipstick star released, guess, of course, is easy.

Fans of the star its glamorous and bright look, of course, appreciated and even called hergoddess“. And someone and at all noted that this picture would be perfect for the cover of the new album. About him, by the way, Rihanna also askedvery much waiting for loyal fans of the singer of her new hits.

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